Ms. Prabha

Store Manager

In the field of publication, we publish books for children and youths. We also work with people with disabilities by hosting Camps, retreats, workshops and sports meet for them and nurture people with disabilities.

It's always about you

Ms. Shirley Angelin


The Staff of Keerthisu

Mr. S. Joshua Marvin 

   Founder & Director 

Keerthisu is the First ever audio Karaoke of CSI Lyric and Vol 1 & 2 is Sold over 1000 CD'S across India.


Mr. Prasad Sakhare


Keerthisu is into Entertainment and Publication service to the society, we started as a Music album and it made its mark as a Music album in the world of Music, Keerthisu is the First ever Audio Karaoke of CSI Lyric. 

Keerthisu is trying to reach out the needy through "Helping Hands" Bible says "Share with the Lord's people who are in need . Practice hospitality" Keerthisu is taken the initiative of visiting Orphanages, Old Age Homes & Villages.  

​Founder’s note:

“I am making all things New” ( Revelation 21:5) A verses

that inspired me to start Keerthisu as a company which

is working for God but taking an initiative to work in

those areas where Jesus himself worked in His 3 and

a half years of ministry.

 Keerthisu is into Entertainment and Publication service

to the society, as we started a music album it made up

its mark in the world of Music, Keerthisu is the First

ever Audio Karaoke of CSI Lyric.

Keerthisu music album of CSI Lyric’s as an Audio Karaoke, Keerthisu Music Album has Volume 1 and Volume 2, sold over 2000 CDs across India and proved that these old songs have its own value and people still love these songs by the way these songs are composed.

Keerthisu Entertainment and Publication is registered under the Karnataka shop and Commercial Establishment Act, 1961.

Under the banner of Keerthisu in the year 2017, 2018, and 2019 we have published a Daily Devotion Book “Talk to God” for Children above 12 years and been helping. Amazon has helped us to reach across India. Now, book your copy from

Keerthisu Disability Campaign – works with people who are disabled and special. Inclusive and Exclusive camps, retreat, workshop, Sports Event, and with many more different programs. Keerthisu also gives a platform for people to showcase their talent and create job opportunities for disabilities. Keerthisu has been employed, 10 Children.

 In the year 2019 Keerthisu has launched Cloth Bags, Keerthisu has been worked with good school and college with their requirements.

Keerthisu Online Store (KOS) – Keerthisu has its own online store with lots of Bible and Books for children. It’s not only that Keerthisu also gives a platform for selling our own homemade products and helping you to reach lots of people through our mobile phone.

Under the Entertainment banner, Keerthisu has worked with Schools for their School Annual day, Sports Meet, and also for there Class Photograph.

With the help of God almighty in 2020 Keerthisu Ministry has grown up with bigger projects, Keerthisu never wanted the Children to miss their VBS during the lockdown because of COVID 19 pandemic, so Keerthisu had organized Keerthisu Virtual Vacation Bible School through Keerthisu official YouTube channel. As a follow-up program Keerthisu is having a yearlong program Keerthisu Bible Club on YouTube channel.

Keerthisu is very thankful to our God almighty Jesus Christ for using us in His ministry.

Very soon Keerthisu will come up with lot’s of new projects, to keep a track of them keep visiting our website and also remember Keerthisu ministry in your prayers​

About Us

We thank all the listeners of Keerthisu Music Album it would have been not possible for Keerthisu to reach this heights without your support, encouragement and Love for Keerthisu's Music :) 

Ms. Chelsea Lorian

Program Coordinator