God's Masterpiece Camp is organized by Keerthisu on 25th 26th & 27th August 2017 at Mithralaya Campus for Physically challenged and Differently abled children, Keerthisu is honored to host this camp for Children with special need and glad to state that it was a successful camp. We had 22 Special children learning word of God and singing songs dancing for God wow it we learnt a lot with them. 

It was honor to have these children for three days as a Director, Volunteers and host we learnt a lot from these children, On the final day we had Holy Communion service in which children did the Bible reading which was a most emotional moment when they started reading, We had 22 children participating from different parts of the city. Keerthisu thank all the Children and their parents for encouraging them to be a part of this God's Masterpiece Camp. 

Keerthisu also thank and pray for all the donors for supporting this Camp and Keerthisu is praying for all the supports. How can Keerthisu forget all the wonderful volunteers giving their heart and sole for all three days, Keerthisu is blessed to have such support from volunteers and organizers.